2018 Toyota Corolla

One of the best ways to preserve the outer appearance of your Toyota Corolla in Perth is to apply a paint sealant to the exterior.

Why choose a paint sealant?

Many car owners don’t think to take this easy, one-off step, as they assume their paint job is up to everything the world can throw at it. However, today’s car paints are not made of the ingredients they once were. The removal of lead, strong solvents and hardeners have ensured car paint is now kinder to the environment, but it also means that your paint is less likely to stand the test of time without a little help.

How will it help?

A paint sealant only needs to be applied once and it will create a protective barrier against fading, oxidisation and discolouration. Keeping your Toyota Corolla’s paint job looking fresh and bright not only means you’ll be able to enjoy a better appearance for longer, but it will also increase the value of your car should you chose to trade in or sell it at a later date.

Why does it work?

Normal car paint is not as waterproof as it may look, and this means that every time your car gets wet, there’s a chance it is absorbing tiny amount of water and some nasty chemicals found in the environment along with it, including substances such as rust-causing salt. A sealant coats your paint and stops water from getting in.

Are there any added benefits to sealants?

Another great thing about paint sealants is that they have a polymer base that creates a slick, non-stick surface that will make keeping your cleaning your Toyota Corolla a lot easier.

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