Toyota coaster

The Toyota Coaster is a good looking minibus from reputable vehicle manufacturer Toyota. The standard Coaster is seven metres in length and 2.6m tall. It can seat 21 people and has a diesel tank with a capacity of 95 litres. Its engine is four cylinders, inline, with overhead valve with cast iron block. The Coaster is rear-driven, and has a five gear manual transmission to provide you with optimum control over this fantastic minibus.

Whether you’re using the Coaster for sports team transportation or go on group holidays a lot, you can rely on this top range model to get you where you need to be in comfort and with ease. It has been built to transport a lot of people safely and in comfort, and the various ways you can adjust your seat, as well as the temperature and other aspects, will be of clear value once you get on the road.

As for keeping the troops entertained, the bus has a great sound system where you can play CDs, radio, or MP3s from your MP3 player or phone. What’s more, a Bluetooth connection means you can always stay connected – hands free – when you need to.

Learning what the Toyota Coaster is capable of is best done in person, so if you’re interested in purchasing this quality minibus then the best thing to do is head to your local Toyota dealer and check one out for yourself.

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