Should You Drive Your Car Until It Dies

Care are likened to humans, they also have lifespans. And when a car has reached its maximum lifespan, it starts to wear until it eventually dies . Many drivers aren’t sure whether to replace their car as soon as it wears off or until it dies off.

In a report Mileage Report by, it shows that the new “normal lifespan” of modern cars is 10+ years. Even with all the technological advancements vehicles are getting equipped with every year, with more cars getting better engines to improve fuel economy, many car owners still hold on to their cars for as long as they can.

In the 2010 report of the same survey, about 56% of drivers said they would drive their car until it dies. In 2012, it was 43%, and just last year it again dropped to 35%. These findings only show that people are wise when it comes to buying newer car makes.

A staggering 80% of consumers believe that 10+ years or until the car dies is an appropriate lifespan for a vehicle. I, for one, would say the same thing with my car.

What many drivers are forgetting is the importance of proper car maintenance. A lot of drivers just don’t have the luxury of time to check out their car; even if it’s only once in a month.

If you intend on selling your car in the future, then you should keep up with its maintenance at all costs. Trust me, you’ll be thankful that you diligently maintained your car. If you do so, you’ll get a good amount out of it when it’s time let it go.

Car owners and drivers are getting younger by the day. More and more youngsters are getting behind the wheel as early as they can. According to another study, the number of teens getting involved in car-related accidents is rising.

Cars today are also getting better, smarter and safer. Unfortunately, drivers are not.

Yes, we need better cars. But we also need better drivers. So, that’s just my two cents.

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